Lisa J. Griffin LPC

Owner & Licensed Professional Counselor

It is my hope that counseling can offer you an opportunity to;

Share Your Personal Story, Find Value in Who You Are, Experience Healing, Develop Positive Relationships, & Create Significant Change in Your Life.



Pauline Botchway

Associate Practitioner & Licensed Professional Counselor

I strongly believe that as human beings, we have the ability to change and transform our lives through choice. As there is not one single theory which can capture our experiences as human beings, I utilize an integrated approach which allows me to use some aspects of: Gestalt, Existential, Solution Focused as well as high utilization of Cognitive Behavioral therapy. I look forward to facilitating your transformation.


R. Scott Scampini 

Associate Practitioner & LCSW

My commitment as a professional provider, is to bring you the best of shared knowledge, experience and compassion through ‘here & now’ approaches of individual, cojoint and group interventions. Counseling is a courageous effort to break down barriers, move through grief and loss, or finding deeper meanings in our personal life. 



Don Bennion

Associate Practitioner & LPC

 I have a deep respect for the unique richness of each individual's journey. Getting an individual's unique journey to work for them rather than against them is one way of describing the counseling process.


Carmen Kendall 

Associate Practitioner & LCSW

I believe that we all have an inherent capacity to grow, heal, and learn from our experiences. I value authenticity and humor and will use these in session as we work towards your goals. I look forward to teaming up to create the healing you desire in your life. 



Jackie Van der Zwan

Associate Practitioner & Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe that all people possess the capacity to create meaningful changes in their lives and in the systems of which they are a part. I am continually astounded by the resiliency of the human spirit and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of my clients' healing process.


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Jill Siegfried
Associate Practitioner & Professional Counselor Associate

I have observed that when provided with adequate conditions, humans have a natural capacity for curiosity, calm, clarity, confidence, courage, creativity and connection. I look forward to fostering your innate ability to heal through the work we do together.



Shauna Washington 

Associate Practitioner & LCSW

I Believe healing is ALWAYS possible. It takes facing darkness and truths that you may not want to face, but you won't be facing it alone. In my work, I aim to create a bond and partnership with my clients. I look forward to working along side you in your exploration, growing, & healing



Zoraya Henao 

Associate Practitioner & Licensed Professional Counselor 

"The complexities of the human experience have fascinated me since I was a young child. As an adolescent, I began to grapple with existential questions that did not have simple answers. My inquisitive nature took me to seek answers through the experiences and stories of others, which have- and continue to- shed a light into our innate power to create our reality. As a therapist, I get to experience first-hand the power of healing and growth through every one of my clients. I get the honor of accompanying each of them in their own and unique journey into self discovery and realization. I would be honored to be a part of your journey, and support you in finding your own truth, power, and balance."



Ashlee Brisentine
Associate Practitioner, Supervisor, & Licensed Professional Counselor 

My treatment approach is founded on a belief that people have a core self, distinct from what brings them to therapy, capable of overcoming complex, painful experiences. I help clients understand the core function of their concerns as attempts to solve present or past problems, rather than personal deficits. I partner with people to harness their inherent capacity to develop solutions. I bring a curiosity about how presenting concerns arise for each unique individual or family system without making assumptions. I value authenticity, humor, and ease within the therapeutic relationship. Areas of particular interest for me include: helping women to heal histories of trauma and supporting couples.



J. Shane Esplin
Associate Practitioner  & Professional Counselor Associate

Each individual has a unique life story, full of nuances, that shapes who they are. This story deserves recognition and understanding without judgment. I try to look at problems from multiple perspectives while helping clients discover new insights about themselves. I believe that each person has the power to make positive and lasting changes in their life. I look forward to meeting you and learning about your life story and the future you are looking to create.



Naomi Tuman

Associate Practitioner & LCSW

Life can come with unexpected twists and turns. Seeking counseling is the first step to a better life. I look forward to working with you!



Paula J. Bloom N.C.C 
Associate Practitioner  & Professional Counselor Associate

It is impossible to go through life without adversity and pain. Often, these challenges can make us feel as if we have lost control of ourselves and the world around us. I believe that individuals have the power to gain positive control and self-direction of their own lives when given the necessary tools to do so.  I'm excited to meet you where you are and look forward to building a safe and supportive environment within which you can find healing.


Liz (2).jpg

Liz Peoples 

Associate Practitioner & Licensed Professional Counselor

Therapy is a unique and vulnerable process meant to support those who seek it out, highlighting each of your strengths and inherent resiliency along the way. My therapeutic approach explores how thoughts, beliefs, and experiences work to influence you and impact how wanted changes are achieved. It is with this understanding, as well as through communication and collaboration that I work with clients to accomplish all the wanted outcomes of the therapeutic process. I look forward to starting this shared experience with you soon!



Ashley Boonenberg M.A.
Associate Practitioner & Professional Counselor Associate

I believe healing is about connecting to and embracing who we really are and what we want from life, as well as assigning meaning to our experiences that help us to grow and feel cared for. Together, I help you discover and connect to what feels most authentic and true and for you. Ultimately, our work together is designed to culminate in your ability to thrive in life, feel safe and at peace in your own skin, and develop and maintain healthy relationships with loved ones who will travel beside you in this journey of life. I look forward to meeting you!



Nicholas Paszkiet
Associate Practitioner & LCSW

We have so many pressures and commitments from society that it becomes easy to forget about what is truly important and who we really are. Change happens when we're able to stay in the present moment, obtain clarity surrounding our beliefs about ourselves and the world, and stay mindful of what truly matters to us. I look forward to working side by side as a team to move through this invaluable change process.



Mahina (Michelle) Wong
Associate Practitioner & CSWA

You know yourself best, and I aim to deeply listen. I aim to cultivate a safe and supportive space of open presence, respect and acceptance in which you feel encouraged to explore challenges and parts of yourself that yearn to feel heard, seen and validated. I gently guide you at your unique pace toward identifying unhelpful patterns and barriers, deepening self-awareness and developing trust in your inner resources. It is my honor to be of support on a journey toward healing and returning to one’s innate wholeness.



Rachel Iverson
Associate Practitioner & LPC Associate

I believe human beings are a complex combination of nature and nurture. While both shape us, I believe every single one of us is capable of altering the course of these principles when we are ready. The power of finding your inner peace resides within you and my role is to help you access that power. I value the importance of creating a safe space as we begin our work together, moving toward understanding of who you are in the entirety of your experiences. I will meet you where you are at and offer you tools and support to move from where you are at to where you want to be.


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Kristine J Rodrigues
Associate Practitioner & LCSW

We are all capable of change and growth &  can access joy in our lives. We can grow and change from our experiences. Sometimes we get stuck and need help moving into the next chapter or even into the next part of the book without judgement. I look forward to being your guide as you write your next chapter.



Brian Jackson
Associate Practitioner & LPC

Brian is new to GAAP and we're so happy he chose to join us! He has a long history of helping others navigate their challenges related to mental well-being. Brian worked in private practice as well as in agency settings over the years. You are going to have a compassionate, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable counselor if you choose to begin your work with Brian!


Miriam Giles

G.A.A.P. Billing & Administration

Hi, I want to make your experience with G.A.A.P a positive one. I am here to answer any questions related to billing & administration. I am looking forward to being of support while you access care.

Best to you,  


Text or call: 541 780 7345


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Amber Munoz
G.A.A.P. Client Services

Hi, I love helping the team and clients find answers to their questions related to client services! I'll be one of your first connects as you work to find a counseling fit or run into challenges related to your care. I look forward to making that interaction a positive and productive one.


Call Me @ 541 343 1728



Ariana Grimm
G.A.A.P. Client Services

I hope to be a contact at G.A.A.P. that makes your experience a positive one. I am here to listen and address any of your client service needs. If I don't know the answer, I will find it! I look forward to assisting in you or your loved ones mental health journey. '


Call me @ 541 343 1728



Anthony Griffin
G.A.A.P. Payroll & Claims Processing

I work to process claims and payroll for the services our team provides you. Happy to answer questions related to your claims processing if running into barriers



""Learn from Yesterday, live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow."

Albert Einstein