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Jessica Riscili
Professional Counselor Associate

Covering Challenges Related To:

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Self-Esteem, Self-Discovery, Self-Growth, Spiritual Growth, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues and Family Challenges.

Services Offered:

Individual Psychotherapy with Adults Ages 18+.

Education & Certification: 

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling

Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP)

Professional Counselor Associate

Specialty Training & Experience:*

CBT and DBT Strategies, Strength-Based Approaches, Family Systems Narrative, Motivational Interviewing, Client-Centered Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, IFS.

I have 14 years of experience as a Mental Health Therapist with experience in supporting the development of coping skills for depression and anxiety, understanding the sources and origins of depression, trauma and anxiety, building positive self-talk and self-esteem, facilitating trauma healing process, developing and increasing positive communication skills and strategies to approach relationship conflicts and manage distress.

About Me: 

I feel fortunate to have lived locally for most of my life and to have been able to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us daily. I love starting my day with a cup of coffee, supporting clients and my two teenage boys, taking walks in nature, playing sports and board games, laughter, good food and entertainment, and spending time with friends and family.

I have been through many unexpected and challenging life circumstances and have cherished the support of others, including therapy, to help navigate through these difficult times. I have since appreciated learning and personally growing, even through the loss and pain of life.


Treatment Orientation & Philosophy: 

As a therapist, my clinical focus begins with providing a listening ear and support in a client’s identified area of need. I promote a warm and welcoming space that fosters trust and growth. Clients will be encouraged and supported as they process the challenges of life. I highly value providing an experience that builds mutual trust and safety between client and therapist, working together to develop strategies and coping skills to promote growth, healing, and change.

I believe external and internal change is possible when a person becomes curious about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors connected to their belief systems. Humans are surprisingly resilient and have capacity to courageously look at life, learn, and heal. This process can turn self-criticism into empathetic understanding, promoting compassionate change, healing, and increased self-esteem.

Insurance Accepted:

Self-Pay & OHP through Trillium/OpenCard/Pacific Source Community Solutions

*Specialty Training & Experience includes areas of focus and interest practitioners have obtained additional hours of training and experience in. Any specialties the practitioner has received certification in will appear under Education & Certification.

“Every breath and every step can be nourishing and healing.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh 

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