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Client Portal

Initial Paperwork Due Before Session

Before your appointment, fill out your initial documents. You should have received an invite to your patient portal via your emailCheck your spam folder as it may be there. If you have not yet received it or need accommodations related to intake documentation, please let your counselor or our Client Services Representatives know in advance by emailing or calling/texting 541 343 1728. 

First, thanks for trusting our team with your care! We look forward to a healthy positive working relationship with you.


Our practice offers both in-person and telehealth services. At the time of scheduling, you should have been notified if you'll be seeing your counselor via telehealth or in-person. If you are unsure, don't know which location to go to, or have any other questions, please reach out to our office by emailing or calling/texting 541 343 1728.

Telehealth Sessions

We hope you are all staying healthy and we recognize there are times when a telehealth session may be preferred or necessary. We are offering HIPAA compliant secure video sessions. Think FaceTime therapy only in a more secure platform.


We live in a time when social distancing doesn't have to mean social isolation and disconnect from important resources. Give telehealth a try and see if it's a good fit!

In-Person Sessions:
Things You Should Know Before You Arrive

If you have a confirmed in-person session please follow the outline below.

If you are feeling unwell or have the following symptoms, please do not attend an in-person session, and seek medical help as needed.

These symptoms include; FEVER, COUGH, & SHORTNESS OF BREATH

If in the past 2 weeks you have been diagnosed with covid or been exposed to someone with COVID call and change your appointment to a telehealth visit.


This practice site is By Appointment Only. Please come to your session at the time of your visit vs early as our waiting area is more limited for seating. These offices do not have a traditional check-in, but your counselor will greet you there at the start time of your session. 


66 Club Road: There is free visitor parking in all areas of the parking lot during your session.

450 Country Club: Please park in designated visitor parking.

911 Country Club: There is free visitor parking in all areas of the parking lot during your session.

373 NE Greenwood, Bend: There is free visitor parking in all areas of the parking lot during your session.

Please leave bikes locked outside. 66 Club building has a bike area on the SW side where you can secure your bike. 450 Country Club's is located on the South side of the building. Eugene has a high bicycle theft occurrence, so please review city guidelines on how to secure your bike. We recommend removing all valuables from your bicycle.

Service Animals & Pets

All buildings and suites have a No Animal Policy. Even animals that have a Emotional Support Certificate are not to be brought into the building or suite. This does not include ADA Service Animals as described at this link. ADA Certification . We apologize for any inconvenience and sadness this may cause; we recognize how important your pet may be to you.

Fire Arms

All buildings and suites have a No Firearm Policy for Open or Conceal Carry. Please your firearm leave home or secure in your vehicle.

No Show or Late Cancellation

Your therapist reserves the right to charge a $90 No Show or Late Cancellation fee. Your insurance will not pay this, and it is your responsibility. We reserve your scheduled appointment time for you and are not able to fill the space should a last minute cancellation occur. We also reserve the right to no longer schedule sessions for individuals who 'no-show' or have more than 2 under 24 hour notice cancellations. We know life doesn't fall within our own time restrictions and will try to work with you regarding these policies if you need to cancel under the 24 hour window due to an illness that falls within contagious period (i.e. throwing up within last 24 hours/fever due to illness). This also applies to an illness situation with a dependent who is in your care who cannot be left alone. We want you to be able to take care of yourself or a loved one as you need to without worries of a fee or interruption in care and your therapist will discuss any concerns you may have if you run into now show or late cancellation issues. We are all set up to see clients remotely at this time, and at this time many insurances are covering telehealth. This will help you stay home when feeling unwell or needing to support a loved one but also wanting to hold a session so you get the desired support. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please reach out to your counselor. If you do not have their contact information for cancellation or rescheduling, please reach out to our Customer Care Representatives at or by calling or texting 541 343 1728.

If at any time you have questions, concerns, or feedback feel free to reach out and we will either answer your questions or find the answers for you. 

Best wishes to you as you work to grow!  

-The GAAP team

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