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Ky Brown
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Covering Challenges Related To:

Couples, Men's Work - Healthy Masculinity & Expression of Emotion, Attachment Trauma Work, College Student Experiences, Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, and Career/Entrepreneur Topics.

*Treatment is not limited to these challenges.

Services Offered:

Couples and Individual Psychotherapy for adults between the ages of 20-60.

Education & Certification: 

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Master of Science in Couples & Family Therapy at the University of Oregon

SAFE EMDR through Personal Transformation Institute

Ecotherapy Certificate through Pacifica

IFS-EMDR integration through EMDRIA

Specialty Training & Experience:*

Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR, Intimacy from the Inside Out Couples workshop training (IFIO), Ecotherapy Certificate from Pacifica University, IFS-EMDR Integration Training from EMDRIA.

About Me: 

I am from the Midwest, born in the oak and maple forests of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have a M.S. in Hydrology and Water Resources and spent many years working on Green Infrastructure and watershed restoration projects in the Southwest, particularly Arizona.

In addition to my counseling work, I have been involved in community projects centered around the arts, music, and creativity, and I have enjoyed working with lots of creative individuals.


I absolutely love dogs though I don't have one at this time! I am an avid trail runner, river rafter, backpacker, and have a yoga and meditation practice. I am drawn to community building and find my hands in lots of creative projects where I live. 


Treatment Orientation & Philosophy: 

I am a registered LMFT in Oregon and work with individuals, couples, and families. I believe that therapy is a uniquely powerful opportunity for personal growth and change. I also believe that all human beings have the potential to access their authentic creative nature and to experience joy and connectedness. My aim as a therapist is to work collaboratively with clients by exploring and examining key aspects of their lives to address underlying needs and desired growth. I specialize in treating relationship issues, resolving past trauma, managing anxiety and depression, navigating life and career transitions, tapping into one's creativity and unique gifts, and working with issues related to masculinity. I take a warm, empathetic, direct, and non judgmental approach to working with clients and ensure a secure and safe space. I believe that all people are capable of change no matter what they have experienced in the past or are currently working through. I recognize the interconnectedness of mind/body/spirit when working towards healing and am about helping clients utilize mindfulness and embodiment practices for increasing self compassion and joy.

I am graduate of the University of Oregon’s Couples and Family Therapy Program. Prior to working at GAAP, I worked for several years at Bend Family Therapy in Bend, OR, where I provided therapy to individual adults and teens, as well as couples and families. Before becoming a therapist, I spent many years working as a watershed conservation scientist, outdoor educator, and creative entrepreneur. After working with a wide diversity of career professionals, community members, and K-12 and college students, I chose to become a therapist to share my vocational mission of helping others access their innate capacity for healing and joy and increase connection and community. I am trained in a variety of therapeutic models which include: Attachment Therapy, PACT for Couples, Family Systems Therapy, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Somatics, Career and Entrepreneurial Counseling, and Ecotherapy. I recognize the incredible healing power of the 'other than human world' and am passionate about spending time in nature for healing and insight. I regularly can be found outside in Oregon chasing mountains and floating on my back in rivers. I also actively participate in the practice of yoga and mindfulness meditation for well-being.

Insurance Accepted:

PacificSource Commercial, First Choice Health Network, Providence, Kaiser, OHP through Trillium/Pacific Source/OpenCard, Out-of- Network, & Self-Pay.

Contact us to verify availability. We are happy to get a benefits estimate for you if you provide your insurance information.


*Specialty Training & Experience includes areas of focus and interest practitioners have obtained additional hours of training and experience in. Any specialties the practitioner has received certification in will appear under Education & Certification.

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”
~William Blake 

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