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Counseling Practice Oregon


Happiness & Counseling

Our Vision

Providing Quality Mental Health Services for Eugene Oregon & Surrounding Areas

We are a Team of Mental Health & Wellness Practitioners who Value Authenticity & Intentional Living. 

Access More Joy via Counseling

G.A.A.P was created to provide a quality space for individuals to go for self-care, healing, change, & to find ways to access more joy.


We want you, as our clients to feel that in this space you are welcomed with positive, energetic, non-judgmental practitioners that are trained to help you access your core, grounded, & healthy self. It is our hope that through this work you will be led to healing, change, & abundant joy.

Positive Relationships and Counseling
Happy Woman and Counseling


Joyful Living and Counseling


Happy in Relationships and Counseling


If you are ready for healing, change, & more joy in your life Call or Text 541-343-1728

In-Network & Out-of-Network insurances accepted. Some in-network plans include:
PacificSource, Providence, First Choice, MODA, & OHP/Trillium/PacificSource Community Solutions. 
Contact us to verify availability. Happy to get a benefits estimate for you if you provide your insurance information

Mental Health Practice Oregon
450 Country Club Road, Suite 310, Eugene, OR 97401
66 Club Road, Suite 350, Eugene, Or 97401
911 Country Club Road, Suite 270, Eugene, OR 97401
373 NE Greenwood Ave Bend Oregon 97701

"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering."

Ben Okri

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