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Sutton Schwartz

Associate Practitioner MS, QMHP, LPC-Intern & LMFT-Intern


MS, in Couples & Family Therapy, from the University of Oregon
BS, in Psychology & Food Science, from Clemson University


Specialty & Focus: 

I’m here to provide specialized work in learning how to cope with
major depression, generalized and social anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD & trauma,
AD(H)D, sexual and/or romantic identity development, specific support related to
queer and trans* issues, and coping with chronic health conditions. Also, I am
formally trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) from the Portland DBT
Institute and help clients build skills in mindfulness, emotion regulation,
interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. Lastly, I also enjoy working
with support people to those with an addiction or who are in recovery from an
addiction, mother-daughter relationships, body positivity & fat-identity, multi-
partner systems (i.e., nonmonogamous/polyamorous), and kink relational

I also provide a weekly DBT Skills Group!


Mental Health Areas of Interest:

I am interested in the ways in which our personal narratives are
based on systemic beliefs and how the stories that we tell ourselves, about
ourselves, influence our goals and belief in being able to reach those goals. Often,
people have been told that they are “a problem” and incorporate that into their
self-narrative. I enjoy working with clients to help disband the unhelpful beliefs
that have been thrown onto us, so that we may no longer see ourselves as a
problem but instead oppressive systems and other harmful beliefs as the
problem. By doing this, we can re-write our narratives so that we set ourselves up
for success in meeting our goals and rebuilding our self-worth!

Treatment Orientation:

My treatment orientation is an integrated framework of
systems theory, DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and Narrative Therapy. What
this means is that I see things from a systemic lens—that all things are connected
to one another and what impacts us in one area of our life (like, work) impacts
other areas of our life (like, our relationships). Also, I believe that we have the
answers to ultimately move past the barriers that stand in our way to reaching
our goals. In that process, I see myself as a facilitator to help you get more in
touch with this intuitive, wise place so that you can eventually identify the
changes you want to see in your life and then develop the confidence to follow
through with these changes by utilizing different evidence-based coping strategies
and re-writing your self-narrative.

A Little About Me:

I am originally from the South and have been in Oregon for
a couple of years now and am loving it! In my down time, I enjoy reading, creative
writing, playing with my adorable cat (who you will probably hear about at least
once), spending time with my supportive friends, and taking walks.

Insurance Accepted:

Trillium OHP & Self-Pay

“The task of therapy is not to eliminate suffering but to give a voice to it, to find a form in which it can be expressed. Expression is itself transformation.”

– Stephen K. Levine

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