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Don Bennion
Associate Practitioner  & LPC

*No longer accepting new patients


BS – Business Management
MA – Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Specialty & Focus: 

Individual Counseling for ages 15 & up
Couples Counseling

Mental Health Areas of Interest:

I am primarily interested in human tenacity and our ability to adapt, overcome, and
thrive. The human desire for meaningful connection with others—both the peace
and purpose we obtain when we achieve it, and the adverse effects when we are
unable to—drives my professional practice.

Our brain is an organ that adapts to the information it receives. When those
adaptations become obsolete and dysfunctional the brain needs healing. Harnessing
the neuroplasticity (the brains ability to change throughout life) of the brain to

improve one’s quality of life and obtain peace is a focal point of the healing
process in counseling.

Treatment Orientation:

My practice is in line with Psychiatrist, William Glasser (founder of reality therapy
and choice theory), who described the role of counselor well when he stated, “I am
an MD and I can prescribe drugs for mental disorders, but mental disorders are
extremely rare. People don’t come to counselors with mental disorders but with
problems in living. Those problems are normal and our clients deserve to be
treated as normal. They need help solving those problems, not diagnoses.”
I believe these “problems” in living are actually opportunities for growth,
enlightenment, increased awareness and understanding, and are necessary for
change in order to obtain what we desire.

Counseling can be described as the process of internal integration and alignment.
No feeling, thought or experience needs to be exiled, shamed or exterminated. All
are welcome at the internal table of us. This includes sadness, anxiety, grief,
despair, guilt and loneliness or any other feeling or experience we are
uncomfortable with.

I learn best through analogies and often use them with my clients to explain
principles and concepts. For example, an analogy that I like to use is one of a
smoke detector. When a smoke alarm sounds, typically a person reacts to the sound
of the alarm. We may be startled by the sound of the alarm, not knowing why the
alarm is going off, then we investigate with curiosity as to why it is going off. Our
internal alarms are no different. The counseling process allows a person to check
in to see why the alarm is sounding and what the alarm is attempting to tell us.

A Little About Me:

I enjoy staying active and spending time with family. I have been married for
nearly 3 decades with 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I am part of the football
coaching staff at a local high school. I enjoy teaching the players, watching their
development and mentoring the young men on the team.


My Philosophy:

I have a deep respect for the unique richness of each individual’s journey. Getting
an individual’s unique journey to work for them rather than against them is one
way of describing the counseling process. Sometimes we humans become
stuck—with the past, with our thoughts, with our feelings, with our relationships,
with our perceptions and so on. Counseling is the process of becoming unstuck and
making meaning of our unique life journey.

Insurance Accepted:

Trillium OHP & Self-Pay

"We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun" 

William Glasser

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